Should Alexandra O’Laughlin Be The Real “Page Views” of Golf?

I get it, Paige Spriranac gets all of the attention and most of the page views as the dominant sexy minx of golf. Paige is an incredibly attractive woman with all the curves that a guy drools over, but, will Paige hold up over time? Seriously, this is what we guys think about. Curves when you are young, normally means some heftyness when you are older.

Alexandra OLaughlin, on the other hand, looks to be a blue-chip prospect set to hold onto everything we see in the images below for quite some time.

Alexandra O’Laughlin Details: Age, Husband, Instagram

The 27-year-old golf smoke show stars on the Golf Channel network series titled “Getting Around” with Alexandra O’Laughlin. Her 229K Instagram followers are routinely served up pics of Alex in a bikini or the latest well-fitting golf gear. She is married to golf coach Matt Killen, who apparently is quite the wealthy guy, as these two seem to be traveling on private jets more often than not.

BTW, this is a lethal combo here with Alexandra and Hannah Cook of Barstool Sports. Hannah does a ton of “Get Ready With Me” reels on Instagram, where she picks out her golf outfit for the day.

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