Republican Twitter Is popping off against the GOP – Who You Need To Follow

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It’s no secret that Twitter is filled with a ton of divisive comments that can quickly turn people off OR easily pull them into the fight. In my case, it was the latter.

Just like many of you, I am extremely frustrated with what is happening in our country, but I also found that I was lacking details when an in-depth political conversation found its way to me.

The days of searching Google for information supporting the GOP are long behind us. Twitter has become the last bastion for such information only due to Elon Musk’s ability to support free speech with a $44 billion dollar payment.

The fight to gain control over the direction of the United States is happening live on Twitter, BUT, you may not have seen the battle within the Republican party to have clear strategies & objectives to take back the White House.

I See 3 Types of Republicans on Twitter

The Twitter algo does a great job of quickly serving up choices to follow once you begin to hint at your political affiliation. I have found there to be three types of Republicans on Twitter:


110% MAGA

These folks love Trump and will never vote for anyone else if he is on the ballot. Say anything negative about Trump and they will come for you. This is a pissed-off group of voters who may go nuclear if the 2024 election appears to be stolen in any way.


The GOP Complainer

This type is simply on Twitter to bitch and moan, and will not offer solutions. They are crucial to the fight on the right, as they provide gasoline to the fire.


Republican problem solvers

This type of person is by far my favorite and I have listed my top 5 follows below. Most problems normally begin and fester within the GOP itself, hence the “Swamp” view of D’s & R’s acting as one massive government cesspool of waste. This is where Twitter has helped to provide direct access and communication to the likes of Speak McCarthy and Thomas Massie. Let’s be clear, these are not fun conversations. This group is challenging and calling out Republican leaders for in-action and lack of consequences.

1. Cernovich

Cernovich is the OG. He was one of the first brave souls to expose the truth about Covid, its origins, and the dangers of the vaccines. Of course, he was removed from the platform but is now back just in time for the lead-up to the 2024 election.

2. GuntherEagleman

Gunther was new to me when I stumbled upon his tweets, but I was late to the show as he has well over 300K followers. Gunther is very aggressive and people love it. He calls out Speaker McCarthy for anything and everything. Many in the GOP have finally learned how to Tweet and they think that is enough. Gunther holds them to the fire demanding action, not feckless tweets.

3. Scarlett4kids

Scarlett is leading the charge to protect kids in Wisconsin with Moms for Liberty ( As many school districts are currently waging war against LBGTQ+ advances and Dems who want to paint parents as “extreme”, Scarlett provides a clear path on how to combat the woke sickness that has infiltrated our schools.

4. Catturd2

At 1.8M followers, you can quickly see the impact this man can have with one tweet. Instead of wasting time trying to explain why I feel you must follow him, just read the read the tweet below:

5. DC Draino

I saved the best for last. Rogan O’Handley ( is the most well-rounded of the 5 we covered. Whether its the war in Ukraine, Covid, lab-engineered food, the swamp of DC, or election fraud, Rogan is bringing facts and logic to a fight that normally has neither.

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