PrizePicks Launches 100x Payouts With Demon/Goblin Options

PrizePicks Demons Goblins

PrizePicks is by far the #1 DFS app in terms of overall downloads this year. Fantasy players love the pick’em style games and options, along with contest innovation.

PrizePicks has just launched a new pick option called “Demons & Goblins” that could provide an insane 100X ROI on your picks.


  • BIGGER payouts & MORE ways to win! πŸ€‘
  • You can now win up to 100x your cash 😀

πŸ”΄ Squares with a Demon are harder to win, but qualify the entry for higher payouts!

🟒 Squares with a Goblin are easier to win, but result in lower payout multipliers.

PrizePicks Demon and Goblin Details

Squares marked with a red Demon are harder to win, but qualify the entry for higher payouts – up to 100X. You must pick MORE on Demons.

Squares marked with a green Goblin are easier to win, but result in lower payout multipliers. You must pick MORE on Goblins.

FAQ’s for PrizePicks Demons & Goblins

  1. Can I add more than one Demon or Goblin to my entry?
    • Yes, you can add as many Demons or Goblins as you like to an entry.
  2. Can I add both a Demon and a Goblin to my entry?
    • Yes, you can!
  3. Can I include regular projections along with Demons and/or Goblins?
    • Yes, you can build your entry with any combination of Demons, Goblins, and regular (unmarked) projections.
  4. Can I use a promotion on an entry that includes Demons and/or Goblins?
    • No, unless the rules of the promotion specifically state otherwise. Most promotions will only apply to entries that contain normal projections (i.e. not Demons or Goblins).
  5. Will a Demon guarantee a 100x payout?
    • No. Demon projections vary in how much of a boost they provide.
    • If you’re shooting for the max payout, try adding multiple Demons to your entry and check your payout multiplier before locking in.
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