PrizePicks and Sleeper Fantasy NBA Cheat Sheet Today (Feb. 4)

PrizePicks Cheat Sheet

Coming off a 14-3 run the past six days, we roll out 3 more NBA picks for Sunday with PrizePicks and Sleeper more or less targets.

Everyone needs a starting point or cheat sheet for their NBA DFS pick’em research each day. That is what we hope this post can be for you when making your NBA picks on Sleeper, Dabble, and PrizePicks tonight.

The ShedtheBlock team also provides the best NBA player props hit rate trends and streaks for players who are active tonight. Seeing which NBA props are getting the most attention from DFS players is a great strategy for building winning picks on apps like PrizePicks.

πŸ’° Best PrizePicks & Sleeper NBA Picks Tonight

John Collins UTA (PF) Points – Over 13.5

At this point level, Collins would have gone over his total in 7 of his last 10 games and 60% of his previous 20 games. He faces a 23rd-ranked Bucks team in overall points allowed this season and 27th ranked to opposing PF’s.

John Collins vs. Bucks DRankVs. PFPrizePicks
Points Allowed2327O/U 13.5

John CollinsSleeperBetr PicksDabble
O/U Points13.513.513
John Collins PrizePicks NBA Today

Jimmy Butler MIA (SF) Three Pointers – Over 0.5

We are crushing 3-point winners this week with Sexton, Durant, Tatum, Avdija, and Dosunmu cashing the past five nights. Butler will face the Kings Saturday night who rank 20th for most 3-pointers allowed in the NBA overall and rank 20th for 3’s allowed to SG’s.

Jimmy would have cashed tickets in 70% of his last 10 games at this prop level and 100% of his last 5. “Jimmy Buckets” is riding a bit of heater here on 3’s the past 7 games…..lets get one more on Sunday!

Jimmy ButlerSleeperBetr Picks
O/U 3pt0.50.5
Jimmy Butler Prize Picks Today
Jimmy Butler vs. Clippers DefenseRankVs. SFPrizePicks
3-PT Allowed1117O/U 1.5 (Demon)

Jaylen Brown BOS (SF) Rebounds – Over 5.5

Brown would have cashed over tickets in 70% of his last 10 games at this rebound prop total and 60% of his previous 20. He faces a Grizzlies team Sunday that ranks 27th in the NBA for rebounds allowed overall, and 21st specifically to SF’s.

Jaylen Brown vs. Grizz DefenseRankVs. SFPrize Picks
Rebounds Allowed2721O/U 3.5 – 5.5 Demon/Goblin

Jaylen BrownSleeper PicksBetr Picks
O/U Reb’s5.55.5
Jaylen Brown PrizePicks Today

1G. AllenSG3PTMo1.5-19615/2075@ WAS13
2P. GeorgeSF3PTMo2.5-13015/2075@ MIA23
3J. IveySG3PTMo1.5+12814/2070VS ORL6
4M. BridgesSF3PTMo2.5-11313/2065VS IND1
5T. MannSG3PTMo0.5-13513/2065@ MIA23
6J. HolidayPG3PTMo1.5-18413/2065VS MEM19
7N. ReidC3PTMo1.5-15413/2065VS HOU10
8J. GreenSG3PTMo1.5-13813/2065@ MIN5
9M. BrogdonPG3PTMo1.5-13613/2065@ DEN2
10B. BogdanovicSF3PTMo2.5-10212/2060VS ORL6
1A. SimonsSGReboundso2.5-13015/2075@ DEN6
2J. IveySGReboundso3.5-12814/2070VS ORL4
3T. HerroSGReboundso4.5-11314/2070VS LAC5
4B. AdebayoCReboundso10.5-12514/2070VS LAC5
5D. BrooksSGReboundso2.5-14014/2070@ MIN1
6S. FontecchioSFReboundso3.5-15614/2070VS MIL16
7D. AytonCReboundso7.5-12814/2070@ DEN6
8J. ButlerSFReboundso4.5-14213/2065VS LAC5
9T. RozierPGReboundso3.5+12213/2065VS LAC5
10T. MannSGReboundso2.5-14213/2065@ MIA13

Best NBA Points Player Prop Hit Rate L20 Games

1P. GeorgeSFPointso18.5-12214/2070@ MIA7
2W. KesslerCPointso6.5-12514/2070VS MIL23
3J. DurenCPointso12.5-11013/2065VS ORL5
4C. CunninghamPGPointso20.5-11013/2065VS ORL5
5T. RozierPGPointso15.5-10213/2065VS LAC8
6A. SengunCPointso20.5-11313/2065@ MIN1
7C. SextonSGPointso20.5-12213/2065VS MIL23
8B. BogdanovicSFPointso17.5-11012/2060VS ORL5
9J. IveySGPointso14.5-10412/2060VS ORL5
10G. AllenSGPointso11.5+10012/2060@ WAS30

Best NBA Player Prop Records Last 30 Games

The chart below denotes the best OVER player prop records over the last 30 games for players active tonight in the NBA. We also capped the odds at -200 to keep the picks and sorting within reason for your pick potential.

1D. WhiteSGSTL+BLKo1.5-15125/3083.3VS MEM24
2B. BogdanovicSFAssistso1.5-18424/3080VS ORL1
3D. WhiteSGBlockso0.5-17424/3080VS MEM28
4J. SmithPFAssistso0.5-19424/3080@ MIN3
5P. GeorgeSFPTS+ASTo21.5-11123/3076.7@ MIA14
6J. HardenSGREB+ASTo12.5-13623/3076.7@ MIA14
7J. BrownSFTurnoverso1.5-16623/3076.7VS MEM23
8W. KesslerCPTS+REBo12.5-11523/3076.7VS MIL6
9T. HerroSGREB+ASTo8.5+10022/3073.3VS LAC4
10T. RozierPGREB+ASTo8.5-11322/3073.3VS LAC4

A new NBA feature on is providing the most popular NBA player props from DraftKings. NBA public betting data is needed now more than ever with the surge in prop bet activity. Seeing which NBA props are getting the most attention from bettors is a great strategy for building winning picks and parlays.

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