Best NRFI Teams and Rankings


Betting on “NRFI” in baseball refers to wagering on “No Run First Inning.” This is a specific type of prop (proposition) bet where you’re betting that no runs will be scored by either team in the first inning of the game. It’s a popular bet among baseball fans because it’s straightforward and only requires focusing on the very beginning of the game.


1MIAMI MARLINS102-6256-2546-3744-3058-32
2TORONTO BLUE JAYS97-6750-3147-3678-4019-27
3CHICAGO WHITE SOX91-7146-3545-3622-2469-47
4MINNESOTA TWINS93-7547-3846-3763-5330-22
5DETROIT TIGERS87-7545-3642-3925-1762-58
6TAMPA BAY RAYS88-7643-4045-3669-6419-12
7PITTSBURGH PIRATES85-7742-3943-3817-1568-62
8TEXAS RANGERS93-8642-4551-4164-5829-28
9BALTIMORE ORIOLES84-8140-4344-3844-4140-40
T10NEW YORK METS82-8045-3637-4446-4736-33
T10LOS ANGELES ANGELS82-8043-3839-4237-3645-44
12MILWAUKEE BREWERS82-8237-4645-3647-4535-37
13SAN FRANCISCO GIANTS81-8144-3737-4449-3532-46
T14COLORADO ROCKIES80-8239-4241-406-874-74
T14SEATTLE MARINERS80-8242-3938-4358-5422-28
T14OAKLAND ATHLETICS80-8249-3231-501-279-80
17BOSTON RED SOX79-8336-4543-3838-3741-46
T18SAN DIEGO PADRES78-8438-4340-4158-6520-19
T18KANSAS CITY ROYALS78-8438-4340-418-1370-71
20CLEVELAND GUARDIANS77-8536-4541-4039-4238-43
21HOUSTON ASTROS82-9142-4540-4660-6122-30
22ATLANTA BRAVES78-8832-5146-3771-817-7
23ARIZONA DIAMONDBACKS83-9641-4742-4933-4150-55
T24NEW YORK YANKEES75-8737-4438-4343-5432-33
T24CHICAGO CUBS75-8736-4539-4243-5132-36
26PHILADELPHIA PHILLIES81-9443-4638-4855-6426-30
27LOS ANGELES DODGERS75-9038-4537-4560-8015-10
28WASHINGTON NATIONALS72-9036-4536-457-565-85
29ST. LOUIS CARDINALS70-9233-4837-4429-5041-42
30CINCINNATI REDS68-9433-4835-4615-2953-65

Here’s what you need to know about NRFI betting:

Understanding NRFI

  • Definition: NRFI means that you’re betting there will be zero runs scored in the first inning of a baseball game.
  • Contrast with YRFI: YRFI stands for “Yes Run First Inning,” which is the opposite bet—that at least one run will be scored in the first inning.

Factors to Consider

When placing an NRFI bet, several factors can influence the outcome:

  • Starting Pitchers: The skill and current form of the starting pitchers are crucial. Elite pitchers with low ERAs (Earned Run Average) and high strikeouts rates are often favorable for NRFI bets.
  • Team’s Offensive Performance: Teams with weaker offenses or those facing a slump might be less likely to score in the first inning.
  • Weather Conditions: Certain weather conditions can affect gameplay, potentially reducing the likelihood of scoring. For example, strong winds blowing in can suppress home runs.
  • Ballpark Factors: Some ballparks are known for being more conducive to scoring due to dimensions, altitude, or other factors.


  • Research: Before placing an NRFI bet, it’s important to research and consider the factors mentioned above. Look into recent performances, head-to-head matchups, and any injuries.
  • Starting Lineups: Pay attention to the starting lineups. The absence or presence of key hitters can significantly affect the game’s dynamics.
  • Odds and Value: Compare odds across different sportsbooks. Some books might offer more favorable odds based on their risk assessment and the betting action they’re receiving.

Betting Platforms

NRFI bets can be placed on most online sportsbooks that offer MLB betting. The availability of NRFI bets can vary, so it’s worth checking multiple platforms.

Risks and Considerations

  • Volatility: The first inning of a baseball game can be unpredictable. Even the best pitchers can have a rough start, and unexpected events can lead to runs.
  • Bankroll Management: As with any form of gambling, it’s important to manage your bankroll wisely and bet responsibly.

In summary, NRFI betting in baseball is a focused, engaging way to participate in sports betting, requiring specific knowledge and strategic consideration of various game-related factors. It’s a testament to the depth and intricacies of baseball as a sport and the detailed analysis that can go into sports betting.

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