Most Popular NBA Prop Bet Picks And Hit Rates Tonight (12/18/23)

NBA Player Props Today

A massive 11-game NBA slate for Monday night prop bet action has the STB staff and bettors alike digging into every NBA player props bet trend they can find.

The top NBA player prop bet trends for points, three-pointers, and rebounds are covered below, along with our top picks for each prop bet category.

Additionally, the most popular NBA player props on DraftKings for Monday night will be provided at the bottom of this post later today.

๐Ÿ€ Top NBA Points Prop Bet Picks Monday

  1. Shai Gilgeous-Alexander OKC (SG) Points – Over 30.5 (-120) at this points prop bet level, SGA would have gone over his total of 7 of his last 10 games.
  2. Coby White CHI (PG) Points – Over 22.5 (-110) at this points prop bet total, Coby has gone over his points total of 7 of 10 games.
  3. Joel Embiid PHI (C) Points – Over 33.5 (-120) at 33.5 pts, Embiid would have gone over this total in 7 of his last 10 games.
Joel Embiid Points PropDKPrizePicksBetr PicksChalkboardUnderdogVivid Picks
Monday night vs. Bulls34.53434.534.539.5 Pts+Assists34.5
1C. SextonSGPointsu21.5-11521/2680.8VS BRO18
2D. ExumPGPointsu13.5-10217/2277.3@ DEN6
3C. CapelaCPointsu14.5-12018/2475VS DET25
4I. ZubacCPointsu13.5-12018/2572@ IND29
5K. LeonardSFPointsu28.5-11318/2572@ IND29
6P. SiakamPFPointsu23.5-10618/2572VS CHA26
7S. BeySFPointsu15.5-11318/2572VS DET25
8M. BridgesSFPointsu23.5-12018/2572@ UTA24
9J. AllenCPointsu14.5+10015/2171.4VS HOU2
10C. WhitePGPointsu22.5-11819/2770.4@ PHI7

๐Ÿ€ NBA Rebounds Prop Bet Picks Tonight

  1. Spencer Dinwiddie BKN (PG) Rebounds – Over 3.5 (-140) would have cashed over tickets in 7 of his last 10 games at this prop total.
  2. Aaron Gordon DEN (PF) Rebounds – Over 6.5 (-125) would have cashed over tickets in 7 of his last 10 games at this prop total. Gordon faces a 27th-ranked ranked Mavs for rebounds allowed.
  3. Josh Giddey OKC (SG) Rebounds – Over 5.5 (-145) Josh faces a 26th-ranked Memphis team for rebounds allowed this season. At 5.5 rebs, Giddey would have an OVER hit rate of 70% in his last 10 games.
1J. AllenCReboundsu10.5-10616/2176.2VS HOU20
2C. SextonSGReboundsu3.5-13519/2673.1VS BRO18
3D. JonesSFReboundsu4.5-12017/2470.8@ DEN9
4J. MurrayPGReboundsu3.5-1309/1369.2VS DAL27
5V. WilliamsSGReboundsu6.5+10511/1668.8@ OKL29
6P. WilliamsPFReboundsu4.5-10618/2766.7@ PHI5
7A. GordonPFReboundso6.5-12815/2365.2VS DAL27
8I. ZubacCReboundsu9.5+10016/2564@ IND10
9C. HolmgrenPFReboundsu8.5+10415/2462.5VS MEM26
10D. MeltonPGReboundso3.5-12815/2560VS CHI23

๐Ÿ€ Top 3pt Player Prop Picks Tonight

  1. Josh Giddey OKC (SG) Three Pointers – Over 0.5 (-125) Giddey faces a 29th-ranked Memphis team in 3-pointers allowed this season. Goddeysโ€™ 3pt prop bet hit rate at this level of 0.5 would be 70% over his last 10 games.
  2. Donte DiVincenzo NYK (SG) Three Pointers – Over 1.5 (-165) 70% hit rate L10 games at this prop bet level. Donte faces a 26th-ranked Lakers team in 3pt allowed this season.
  3. Jaren Jackson Jr. MEM (C) Three Pointers – Over 1.5 (-145) Jackson faces a 29th-ranked Memphis team in 3-pointers allowed this season. Jaren has a 70% hit rate on OVER 1.5 3-pointers over his past 10 games.
1V. WilliamsSG3PTMu1.5+11011/1668.8@ OKL21
2C. ThomasSG3PTMu2.5-12511/1668.8@ UTA27
3C. SextonSG3PTMu1.5+12417/2665.4VS BRO25
4S. DinwiddiePG3PTMu2.5-13215/2462.5@ UTA27
5T. YoungPG3PTMu3.5+12014/2360.9VS DET7
6D. JonesSF3PTMu1.5-11014/2458.3@ DEN5
7B. BogdanovicSF3PTMo2.5+1004/757.1@ ATL23
8D. SchroderPG3PTMu1.5-10614/2556.0VS CHA19
9C. JohnsonPF3PTMo2.5-12510/1855.6@ UTA27
10J. MurrayPG3PTMu2.5-1137/1353.8VS DAL16

๐Ÿ“Š Mondayโ€™s Best NBA Player Prop Bet Hit Rates

The top 10 NBA player props hit rates (Last 10 games) for Monday are listed below, with a minimum odds threshold of -135. Joel Embiid once again is backed by 80% trend hit rate for Pts+Assists tonight against the Bulls.

1D. MurrayPGPTS+REBu27.5-1139/1090VS DET30
2D. MurrayPGP+A+Ru33.5-1209/1090VS DET30
3A. ThompsonSFREB+ASTu10.5-1309/1090@ ATL22
4D. MeltonPGSTL+BLKo1.5-1138/1080VS CHI23
5J. EmbiidCPTS+ASTo39.5-1228/1080VS CHI23
6C. WhitePGREB+ASTo9.5-1328/1080@ PHI4
7C. WhitePGPTS+REBo27.5-1068/1080@ PHI4
8C. WhitePGP+A+Ro32.5-1188/1080@ PHI4
9D. MitchellSGPTS+ASTu37.5-1228/1080VS HOU14
10J. AllenCPTS+REBu26.5-1208/1080VS HOU14

A new NBA feature on is providing the most popular NBA player props from DraftKings. The betting public is always craving as much information from the sportsbooks as possible. Seeing which NBA prop bets are getting the most attention from bettors is a great strategy for building winning picks and parlays.

๐Ÿ€ Most Bet NBA Points Player Props Monday On DraftKings

1. Donovan Mitchell Points – Under 30.5 -135

2. Paul George Points – Over 22.5 -130

3. Nikola Jokic Points – Over 27.5 -130

4. DeMar DeRozan Points – Over 22.5 -135

5. Desmond Bane Points – Under 26.5 +120

1. Scottie Barnes Rebounds – Under 8.5 +105

2. Paul George Rebounds – Under 5.5 +130

3. Chet Holmgren Rebounds – Under 8.5 +124

4. Nicolas Claxton Rebounds – Under 9.5 -105

5. Nikola Jokic Rebounds – Under 12.5 +114

1. Trae Young Three Pointers Made – Under 3.5 +100

2. Luka Doncic Three Pointers Made – Over 3.5 -110

3. Coby White Three Pointers Made – Under 4.5 -160

4. Julius Randle Three Pointers Made – Over 1.5 -110

5. Chet Holmgren Three Pointers Made – Over 1.5 +140

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