Most Popular NBA player Props Tuesday on DraftKings (11/28/23)

NBA Player Props Picks

A new NBA feature on is providing the most popular/most bet NBA player props from DraftKings. The betting public is always craving as much intel from the sportsbooks as possible. Seeing which NBA prop bets are getting the most attention from bettors is great information for building potentially winning parlays.

An exciting 8-game slate for Tuesday night has NBA bettors locking in their top NBA player props trends and hit rates.

The STB analytics staff has highlighted the top-10 NBA player props over hit rate percentages for 3pt shots made, rebounds, assists, and points in the tables below.

1. De’Aaron Fox Points – Over 27.5 (-120)

2. Donovan Mitchell Points – Over 26.5 (-115)

3. Dejounte Murray Points – Over 18.5 (-125)

4. Jayson Tatum Points – Over 28.5 (-105)

5. Alperen Sengun Points – Over 20.5 (-120)

1T. RozierPGPointso20.5-1045/683.3@ NYK2
2S. BarnesSFPointso16.5-10411/1764.7@ BRO20
3J. GreenSGPointso19.5-1159/1464.3@ DAL24
4L. DortSGPointso7.5-12210/1662.5@ MIN3
5L. DoncicPGPointso29.5-12010/1662.5VS HOU1
6D. LillardPGPointso26.5-1089/1560@ MIA6
7L. WalkerSGPointso13.5-1139/1560VS TOR12
8S. Gilgeous-AlexanderSGPointso30.5-1159/1560@ MIN3
9M. StrusSFPointso12.5-11510/1758.8VS ATL26
10G. HaywardSFPointso13.5-1068/1457.1@ NYK2

🏀 Most Bet NBA 3pt Player Props Tuesday on DraftKings

1. Trae Young Three Pointers Made – Over 2.5 (-145)

2. Damian Lillard Three Pointers Made – Over 3.5 (-130)

3. Jaylen Brown Three Pointers Made – Over 2.5 (+105)

4. Jalen Brunson Three Pointers Made – Over 2.5 (-145)

5. Jayson Tatum Three Pointers Made – Over 3.5 (-115)

1D. Finney-SmithPF3PTMo1.5-19013/1681.3VS TOR13
2F. VanVleetPG3PTMo2.5-16410/1471.4@ DAL14
3J. SmithPF3PTMo1.5+1049/1464.3@ DAL14
4R. BarrettSG3PTMo1.5-1387/1163.6VS CHA27
5N. VucevicC3PTMo0.5-19511/1861.1@ BOS21
6D. FoxPG3PTMo2.5-1366/1060VS GSW11
7D. DeRozanSG3PTMo0.5-16610/1758.8@ BOS21
8S. BarnesSF3PTMo1.5+12210/1758.8@ BRO25
9D. MitchellSG3PTMo2.5-1727/1258.3VS ATL24
10A. SengunC3PTMo0.5+1148/1457.1@ DAL14

🏀 Most Bet NBA Rebounds Player Props Tuesday on DraftKings

1. Brook Lopez Rebounds – Over 5.5 (-125)

2. Grant Williams Rebounds – Under 4.5 (-160)

3. Mitchell Robinson Rebounds – Over 10.5 (-130)

4. Clint Capela Rebounds – Over 8.5 (-130)

5. Scottie Barnes Rebounds – Over 7.5 (-145)

1S. BarnesSFReboundso7.5-13214/1782.4@ BRO16
2G. HaywardSFReboundso3.5-16211/1478.6@ NYK2
3D. MitchellSGReboundso4.5-1159/1275VS ATL10
4E. MobleyCReboundso9.5-14212/1770.6VS ATL10
5D. WhiteSGReboundso3.5-1459/1464.3VS CHI28
6J. GreenSGReboundso3.5-1489/1464.3@ DAL29
7D. BrooksSGReboundso3.5-1159/1464.3@ DAL29
8C. CapelaCReboundso8.5-13210/1662.5@ CLE18
9J. RandlePFReboundso8.5-12210/1662.5VS CHA13
10M. RobinsonCReboundso10.5-12010/1662.5VS CHA13

1. De’Aaron Fox Assists – Over 5.5 (-135)

2. Terry Rozier Assists – Over 6.5 (-105)

3. Anthony Edwards Assists – Over 4.5 (-135)

4. Domantas Sabonis Assists – Over 6.5 (-125)

5. Jaylen Brown Assists – Over 2.5 (-140)

1M. WilliamsCAssistso0.5-17412/1580@ NYK5
2N. VucevicCAssistso2.5-16613/1872.2@ BOS3
3B. MillerSFAssistso1.5-16910/1471.4@ NYK5
4K. IrvingPGAssistso4.5-1029/1369.2VS HOU1
5A. EdwardsSGAssistso4.5-16211/1668.8VS OKL21
6D. MitchellSGAssistso4.5-1588/1266.7VS ATL28
7J. AllenCAssistso1.5-1998/1266.7VS ATL28
8T. RozierPGAssistso5.5-1624/666.7@ NYK5
9D. BrooksSGAssistso1.5-1299/1464.3@ DAL25
10A. SengunCAssistso4.5-1649/1464.3@ DAL25

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