MeganMakinMoney OnlyFans Is Easily Worth Millions Per Year

meganmakinmoney onlyfans

We all know the immense reach and power that the Barstool Sports brand has in today’s culture. Dave Portnoy has built, sold, and reacquired Barstool, but could his empire be ready to create another millionaire….with OnlyFans?

Let us introduce you to MeganMakinMoney or Megan Nunez IRL.

A very attractive cajun from down in the Bayou, Megan caught fire a few years back in a Reddit sports betting thread.


The hot streak that turned Megan Nunez to “Megan Makin’ Money” @MeganMakinMoney #barstoolsports #gambling #fyp

♬ original sound – barstoolchicago

She quickly grew a thirsty audience on Instagram and Twitter, which led to a brief stint with FanDuel and eventually her current employment with Barstool Sports.

Which quickly brings us to her OnlyFans…..

When the news hit the STB office that Megan had “gone OnlyFans”, the first reaction was that she was about to become very wealthy. But how wealthy are we talking about?

Let’s set up an equation to show how easily a MeganMakinMoney OnlyFans account will be worth millions:

Megan’s 300k+ Social Media Reach


The massive Barstool Sports reach of an estimated 20+ BILLION video views in the key 18-35 age demo


Millions of dollars for MeganMakinMoney!

To put it simply, all Megan needs is 5,000 customers per month at $20 for $100,000/month. $100K per month is $1.2M a year. Boom! Done. Millionaire!

TBH, Megan is probably looking at $2-3M in revenue…..EASY!

“MeganMakinMoney” Personal Details

Real NameMegan Nunez
BirthdayOctober 31, 1992 (31 yrs old)
MeganMakinMoney Instagram67K+ followers
MeganMakinMoney TikTok2k+ followers
MeganMakinMoney Twitter200K+ followers
MeganMakinMoney OnlyFansGo To Her Page

Get the full backstory on Megan leading to Barstool Sports via the video below:

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