Madison Appel Tennis Lessons Must Be Very Popular

Madison Appel

The Instagram algo knows me well, like really well. My mindless scrolling the other day was quickly halted when I stumbled upon Madison Appel.

Who is Madison Appel, you may ask? Well, my guess is that every guy in the Hamptons who plays tennis or who can say the word tennis is aware of Madison. Every guy with a daughter is like, “Hey, why don’t you get some tennis lessons?”. I will even hang around to take some videos to help with your training….

Madison Appel is a tennis player from the USA. She has had a successful college career, being selected to the All-Big Ten team in her senior year. As a senior, she had a 22-11 record in singles and a 21-10 record in doubles. In her junior year, she had a 25-10 singles record and played at the No. 1 position. In her sophomore year, she won the doubles title at the Hoosier Classic and had a 17-15 singles record.

You can find more information about her on the official Women’s Tennis Association website.

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