“Local Mush” Loves the 49ers -7 on Thanksgiving Night

We all know that guy who is just awful at betting, right? He always thinks his luck is about to turn, but it never does.

The most famous “mush” that most people remember or recognize is “Eddie Mush” from The Bronx Tale. A born loser, a jinx.

But what if we could harness the information of a “mush” and make a fortune?

Well my friend, a long-time friend of STB and a “cough-cough” local bookie, has agreed to share the picks of his top mush for the remainder of the football season.

🥶 Season to date, the “Local Mush” is 6-29-1 with his NFL and CFB picks.

🏈 His pick for Thanksgiving NFL Action is in:

….. Mush says, “49ers roll here. Smith is banged up and Walker is hurt.”

The 49ers are seeing strong love from the betting public for their road matchup against the Seahawks tonight.

Local Mush Recent Pick History

  1. Sunday Nov. 19th: Chargers -3 vs. Packers (Loss)
  2. Saturday Nov. 18th: Georgia -9.5 vs. Tenn (Win)
  3. Sunday Nov. 12th: Packers +3 vs. Steelers (Loss)
  4. Saturday Nov. 11th: Texas -12.5 vs. TCU (Loss)
  5. Monday Nov. 6th: Jets +3 vs. Chargers (Loss)
  6. Saturday Nov. 4th: Michigan -32 vs. Purdue (Loss)
  7. Thursday Nov. 2nd: Steelers -3 vs. Titans (Win)
  8. Sunday Oct. 29th: NY Jets -3 vs. Giants (Push)
  9. Saturday Oct. 28th: Florida +14 vs. Georgia (Loss)
  10. Thursday Oct. 26th: Bills -8.5 vs. TB Bucs (Loss)

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