Latest 2024 Republican Nominee Odds Shows Trump’s Dominance

2024 Election

The first debate to determine who has no chance to be the Republican nominee for the 2024 Presidential Election takes place tonight in Milwaukee, WI.

Rumor has it that all of the candidates except Chris Christie will be on one side of the stage in order to keep things balanced. 😀

Ok, all joking aside, the latest odds to win the Republican nomination sit massively in favor of 4-time indictment champion Donald Trump.

Vivek has been the main recipient of the Ron DeSantis debacle, which has essentially ended the political career of the Florida governor. DeSantis should never have entered the race. He could have continued his Florida victory tour and waited to see what happened with Trump. Whoever was his advisor should never work in politics again!

Tim Scott is floating around 2% odds currently, but some political insiders feel he is the sleeper candidate to watch if Trump is unable to run.

Sadly, we are in for a ridiculous ride over the next 12-14 months:

  • Will Trump go to jail?
  • Can a former President go to jail with the Secret Service?
  • With the Trump case set to begin in March 2024, how will he campaign?
  • Could another candidate enter the race?

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