Kelly In Vegas’ Reach Expands Massively With OutKick & Betr Picks

kelly in vegas

Kelly Stewart, also known as “Kelly in Vegas,” is a prominent figure in the sports betting industry. She has gained popularity as a sports handicapper and media personality, sharing her insights and predictions with a large following of fans and sports enthusiasts.

Kelly’s journey started in Las Vegas, where she worked as a sportsbook ticket writer before transitioning into a career as a professional sports bettor. With her experience and knowledge in the industry, she began providing public betting advice and analysis, eventually gaining recognition for her accuracy and expertise.

As “Kelly in Vegas,” she has become a well-known personality both on social media platforms and in mainstream media. Kelly has appeared on various television shows, including Fox Sports, ESPN, and OutKick, where she shares her insights and sports betting picks.

Kelly Joins Betr Picks

You will be hard-pressed to find someone with more experience in the sports betting information niche than Kelly Stewart (AKA Kelly in Vegas). Kelly has taken her, um, talents to Betr Picks after a successful run at Barstool Sports ended with an app rebrand to ESPN Bet. Another very popular personality at Barstool is rumored to be leaving too, as MeganMakinMoney’s Only Fans debut was a shocker.

Look for Kelly on X and TikTok where she provides her insight and picks to help players win on the Betr Picks platform.

Betting Education and Charity Work

One of the key aspects of Kelly’s content is her transparency and authenticity. She strives to educate her audience about sports betting while emphasizing responsible gambling. She provides valuable tips and strategies to help her followers make informed betting decisions.

In addition to her media appearances and content creation, Kelly Stewart has been involved in charity work. She has organized events and fundraisers to give back to the community and support causes close to her heart.

Kelly’s success in the sports betting industry has made her a respected and influential figure. As a female in a predominantly male-dominated industry, she has broken barriers and inspired many aspiring sports bettors. Her dedication, knowledge, and passion for sports betting continue to make her a sought-after personality in the field.

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