Joe Biden 2024 Election Odds Begin To Show Some Weakness – Trump Benefits

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Ok, this is BIG.

We have a clear move down for Joe Biden in the latest odds to win the 2024 Presidential election on Smarkets.

To the surprise of no one, Trump is the beneficiary of the move, closing the gap with Biden for the first time after a big dip 23 days ago.

Small bumps can also be seen RFK Jr. and Gavin Newsom. The presidential election hopes for Ron Desantis appear to be in free fall at this point.

Weakness in General for Biden, Strength As Dem Nominee

As we reported over the weekend, there appears to be unwavering strength for Joe Biden as the 2024 Democrat nominee. Rumors continue to swirl that Gavin Newsom is waiting in the wings if the floors fall out on the Biden administration due to impeachment.

Biden’s election odds have been on the upswing since February, hence the attention to the drop over the weekend. Obviously, the WhatsApp message fiasco with Hunter Biden and the initial impeachment bill are finally impacting a potential second term for Biden.

One note of caution for over-zealous Republicans. If Putin falls from power in Russia, Biden will claim a massive victory for the west by supporting Ukraine. That will be hard to refute come debate time in 2024.

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