Gavin Newsom Odds To Be Democrat Presidential Nominee Surge

The betting markets are beginning to show MAJOR weakness for Joe Biden as the Democrat nominee for the 2024 Presidential Election.

Gavin Newsom was as low as 3% just a few weeks ago to be the Dem nominee. Newsom is now charting well above 13% as Biden falls to 69%. We had previously reported that Biden’s potential impeachment had not severely impacted his odds, it appears the tide is now turning.

RFK Jr. continues to show s bit of grass-roots swell of support, but in the end, we all know the Dems will never back RFK over Newsom.

Newsom Set To Replace Biden In 2024 Election

It may be the only thing that Dems and Republicans agree on, Kamala Harris as POTUS would be a complete disaster. Gavin Newsom has already made countless visits to D.C. while Biden was traveling. It is clear that Newsom will replace Biden at some point as the Dem nominee. Biden’s age has always been a concern and the daily gaffes are now too much to ignore.

But in reality, Biden’s removal from office for crimes against the USA will be the most likely reason Newsom steps in. The case is building against Biden and his son Hunter for participating in numerous illegal activities that any other previous President would have already faced removal from the White House.

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