Erin Dolan: ESPN’s Rising Star of Sports Betting Analysis

Erin Dolan ESPN

Erin Dolan, a 26-year-old betting analyst for ESPN, is making waves in the sports betting world with her expertise and captivating presence. Since joining ESPN in December 2021, she has become a prominent voice in the industry, regularly appearing on ESPN’s sports betting show, Daily Wager, and scoring plenty of SportsCenter hits. With an impressive background and a passion for sports and statistics, Dolan has garnered a loyal fan base and gained recognition for her accurate predictions.

Erin Dolan NFL Best Bet Week 7

New Multi-Year ESPN Contract for Erin

As the 2023 NFL betting season kicks off, ESPN just announced a new multi-year contract for Erin Dolan. With “Daily Wager” now moving away from Vegas and to the ESPN home base of Bristol, CT, Erin has moved to the area for the new permanent gig.

ESPN has agreed to a multi-year contract renewal with sports betting analyst Erin Dolan. As part of her deal, Dolan will be Bristol-based with regular in-studio appearances on ESPN’s Daily Wager, SportsCenter, and more.

“Erin has been important to our growth in the sports betting space, and brings a betting lens to our ESPN programming that we know fans expect from us,” said Scott Clark, Vice President, Fantasy & Betting Content. “It’s great to now have her in Bristol contributing daily to our growing sports betting content efforts.”

Dolan – who signed with ESPN in December 2021 – will continue to create betting-specific content on YouTube – including her weekly show, The EKD Show. She’ll also make weekly appearances on Sunday NFL Countdown.

Said Dolan, “It’s been amazing to watch ESPN’s sports betting content grow into what it is today. When I was hired in 2021, we were just scratching the surface. We’ve evolved quite a bit since then, and I can’t wait to be part of this next phase as we enter into football season.”

Last month, ESPN announced Daily Wager will return to Bristol, CT, after a little over three years in Las Vegas. Also in August, ESPN announced an agreement with PENN Entertainment to launch ESPN BET, a branded sportsbook for fans in the United States. The sportsbook will launch sometime later this fall.

Philly Girl & Penn State Grad

Hailing from Philadelphia, Erin Dolan graduated from Penn State in 2018. Her journey into the broadcasting field began at a local news station, where she honed her skills and developed a deep understanding of sports analysis. Dolan’s education and hands-on experience laid a strong foundation for her future success in the sports betting arena. A brief stint at PointsBet and FanDuel, quickly led to her big break at ESPN.

Expertise and Contributions:

Dolan’s expertise lies in providing in-depth knowledge of sports betting markets across ESPN’s TV, radio, and online platforms. Her insights are highly valued by sports fans looking for valuable NFL public betting picks and informed analysis. Dolan’s ability to combine her passion for sports with statistical analysis sets her apart in the field, making her a rising star in the world of sports betting.

Bikini Pics Fuel Social Media

Beyond her role at ESPN, Dolan has amassed a significant following on social media platforms. Fans appreciate her engaging content, accurate predictions, and attractive appearance. Erin plays the hits, posting bikini pics from Avalon, NJ each Summer. Let’s be clear, she is not going down the Paige Spiranac road, but Erin knows what works. Her active engagement with followers and willingness to share her expertise has further solidified her position as a trusted authority in the sports betting community.

Unapologetic Fan of Philadelphia Sports:

Erin Dolan proudly represents her hometown as an unapologetic fan of Philadelphia sports teams. Her love for the city’s sports culture shines through in her analysis and predictions. This genuine connection with her audience adds to her appeal and fosters a strong bond with fans who share her enthusiasm for the Eagles, Phillies, and Sixers.

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