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Rumors, rumors, rumors. To be clear EA Sports loves all of this speculation. Hence why they have had very few official communications about the re-launch of the video game franchise.

And yes, STOP calling the game NCAA Football 25. The title of the franchise moving forward is “EA Sports College Football”.

LATEST UPDATE: Schools Will Publish EA CFB ’25 Graphics on Feb. 15th

✅ It is anticipated that many schools will be confirming their participation in EA CFB ‘25 with social graphics.

We do not expect to see 130+ Division 1 programs posting graphics on Thursday.

❌ We also do not expect to see gameplay trailers or a demo of any kind. Think static graphics

🗓️ Release Date?

EA officially confirmed that the game will be released this summer on their most recent earnings call (Jan. 30th). That is the ONLY official statement on the release date. The TARGET date appears to be Friday, July 12, 2024, but that is by no means the day the game will officially be available. It is safe to assume that at some point in July, you will be playing EA College Football 2025.

🎮 Consoles

EA College Football 25 will be available EXCLUSIVELY on PS5 and XBOX Series X/S.

All signs point to crossplay availability between consoles, but this has not been confirmed as of yet.

🏆 Game Modes

So far 3 game modes have been 100% confirmed for the launch:

  1. Dynasty Mode
  2. Ultimate Team
  3. Road to Glory

🏈 QB #13 or His Real Name?

Yes, real names will be available for the game. Now, how deep the roster goes with accurate names, along with allowing roster modifications are still complete unknowns.

🎯 Will All Division 1 Programs Be Represented?

EA has mentioned that they have agreements with roughly 120 of the 130 division one football programs. All major programs will be in the game. Expect a small program or two to miss out on the fun.

FCS and HBCU school representation is still not known at this time.

🍾 Will The College Football Playoffs Be Included?

Yes, EA Sports has confirmed a deal with the CFB Playoffs and we fully expect to see a 12-team playoff out of the gate.

💰How About the Transfer Portal?

Yes, the transfer portal will be included within “Dynasty Mode”. That is all we know at this time. As you can imagine this area of information is a major focus of everyone looking forward to this game. The pressure will be on EA to structure this in a way that does not destroy one of the most popular modes of the game.

📺 Screen-Shots or Video Demos

Nothing yet, BUT, if you have played Madden in recent years you will recognize the gameplay as EA will use the same FrostBite engine for CFB 25.

🎙️ Game Announcers

EA has a deal in place with ESPN to use on-air voice talent. So far, only Reece Davis has confirmed his presence in the game, but rumors persist that many ESPN personalities are included in the game.

🏟️ School Pageantry & Imagery

Let’s face it, this is one of the reasons why we love this game so much. The images, bands, traditions, cowbells. It will all be in the game. EA has requested materials from all participating schools, along with 3D stadium renderings.

📈Any Idea on Playbooks Yet?

Again, one of those items that is crucial for OG’s who loved this game, but maybe not for the younger crowd. We are still waiting for any piece of news on playbooks out of the EA camp.

🎥 Cover Athlete

We feel VERY confident that the cover athlete has been chosen due to EA Sports teasing the filming of a commercial at the Rose Bowl in Pasadena, CA.

The info on the photo shoot was “leaked” via the video below:

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