DraftKings CFB Betting Splits Week 4

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In what looks to be the best weekend to date for betting on college football this season, DraftKings Betting Splits are loaded with info.

🏈 STB’s Picks for Week 4 CFB:

1. FSU -2.5 at Clemson: 7x Revenge for FSU and I like the BC scare to throw off some squares.

2. Kansas -9.5 vs. BYU: Fade on top public betting road dog

3. UTSA +20.5 at Tenn: Vols always get an early scare at home from out of conf. UTSA can hang around.

4. Ole Miss +7: 7x revenge for Miss.

5. GA Tech +4 at WF: Still value at +4? Opened +6.5

6. PSU -14.5 vs. Iowa: 2x Revenge for PSU, Iowa seeing public love, needs to stay above 14.

STB also covers DraftKings NFL Betting splits for this week, along with SVP’s picks for CFB.

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