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the realm of DraftKings sportsbook, discussion around public betting is inevitable. But who is the public betting on, and why does it matter? Let’s unravel the concept of public betting, providing you with an understanding and enabling you to construct a winning sports betting strategy.


Public betting refers to the collective preferences of bettors on a particular side of a bet. It signifies the more popular choice among bettors, which can range from a significant majority to a slight edge. As betting begins, a consensus typically forms, and sportsbooks respond by adjusting the odds to maintain equilibrium.


To gauge public betting, one essential aspect is understanding line movements. The initial odds released by sportsbooks can shift as the betting public makes their opinions known. By analyzing both the current odds and the opening numbers, you can discern the direction of the money flow and identify the favored side for your NFL best bets.


Determining which side the public favors is crucial for efficient handicapping. Two primary methods can help you track public money:

  1. Line Movements: Observing changes in the odds and point spreads can reveal where the majority of bets are being placed.
  2. Betting Percentages: Numerous websites compile data from various operators to offer a consensus view of where public money is flowing. Sportsbook operators may also release information about the wagering percentages and most popular NFL player props trends, further aiding your analysis.


Public betting serves as a consensus opinion on the predicted outcome of a game, providing valuable insights. However, it is crucial to remember that blindly following public trends does not guarantee success. While the public can be right on occasion, it is not a foolproof strategy. The ultimate goal is to develop your own informed perspective and beat the sportsbooks with sharp analysis. Speaking of a balanced approach to betting, we track Colin Cowherd’s Blazin 5 picks each week to help our readers find winning picks


Public betting percentages offer insight into the strength and composition of public opinion. By expressing the percentage of total betting tickets or the total amount of money bet on a game, you can understand the magnitude of the public’s position. A significant majority or a perfectly even split can significantly impact your betting strategy.


The consensus opinion derived from public betting can be a valuable tool in handicapping. While it should not be the sole basis for your decisions, incorporating the consensus into your analysis can help identify significant trends or insights that may have been overlooked.


There isn’t a one-size-fits-all approach to betting with or against the public. The decision should be case-specific and dependent on various factors. While the public can be right, there are times when betting against the consensus can be advantageous. The key is to focus on long-term profitability and avoid getting swayed solely by public sentiment.


Fading the public involves taking a contrarian stance against the consensus. In specific situations, this can be a wise strategy. For instance, when the percentage of tickets and the money bet are not aligned, going against the public may yield favorable outcomes. Additionally, when an overwhelming majority supports one side, it may be prudent to reassess and search for potential hidden opportunities.

DraftKings CFB Betting Splits Week 14

DraftKings CFB Betting Splits: Why It Pays to Fade the Public

  • Savvy bettors can leverage DraftKings Betting Splits to see how public money is wagered to pinpoint valuable opportunities.
  • Betting against the public refers to the sports betting strategy of monitoring which games public bettors are backing, and fading (betting against) their action. If you do not have time to handicap games, check SVP’s picks who loves to fade the public each week.
  • Public bettors are simply recreational players who largely bet for fun or to have “action” on a game to make it more interesting to watch.
  • With more games on TV and mobile devices, there’s more college football for bettors to sweat. And as we know, public bettors want to watch the games they bet on, so it’s reasonable to assume that there is more public money hitting the college football betting market than ever before, especially over the past handful of seasons.
  • To use this strategy, you need to identify games where the public is heavily backing one team, and then bet on the other team.
  • This is because the public tends to overvalue popular teams and undervalue underdogs, leading to inflated lines and better odds for betting against the public.
  • It’s important to note that this strategy is not foolproof and should be used in conjunction with other betting strategies and analysis.
  • Additionally, it’s important to be aware of line movement and any other factors that may affect the outcome of the game.

Overall, betting against the public can be a powerful strategy for college football betting, but it requires careful analysis and an understanding of the market. By fading the public and identifying valuable wagering opportunities, savvy bettors can increase their chances of winning bets.

NBA Public Betting Percentages Today

Analyzing NBA Public Betting Data: Building Winning Strategies

In the world of sports betting, gathering and analyzing data plays a crucial role in developing winning strategies. With the popularity of the NBA soaring, leveraging public betting data has become an invaluable asset for sports bettors. Let’s explore how NBA public betting data can be utilized to craft effective gambling strategies. By understanding the trends, patterns, and insights provided by this data, bettors can increase their chances of success in NBA betting endeavors.

  1. Understanding Public Betting Data:
    Before diving into the specifics, it’s important to grasp the concept of public betting data. Essentially, this data represents the percentage of bets placed on each side of a game or a specific betting market. By analyzing these numbers, bettors gain insights into the overall consensus and preferences of the betting public. This information can help identify potential value in betting against or with the majority.
  2. Contrarian Betting Strategy:
    One popular approach in utilizing public betting data involves adopting a contrarian betting strategy. This means betting against the public consensus and taking positions that go against popular sentiment. If public data indicates an overwhelming percentage of bets favoring a particular team, bettors can consider wagering on the opposing team. The rationale behind this strategy is rooted in the idea that the general public’s bias can lead to overvaluing popular teams, resulting in favorable odds for the underdog.
  3. Monitoring Line Movements:
    Public betting data also offers valuable insights into line movements – the shifts in betting odds as bets are placed. When a line moves significantly despite a high percentage of bets on one side, it indicates sharp or professional bettors positioning themselves against the public. By following these line movements, bettors can identify potential opportunities to align their bets with sharp bettors who have a history of success.
  4. Utilizing Historical NBA Trends:
    Analyzing historical data from public betting trends can reveal valuable patterns. Especially for NBA player props trends. For example, certain teams may consistently attract a higher percentage of bets or exhibit a higher winning percentage when acting as an underdog. By identifying such trends, bettors can leverage historical data to make informed decisions and adjust their betting strategies accordingly.
  5. Supplementing with Research and Analysis:
    While public betting data provides critical insights, it should not be the sole basis for making betting decisions. It is essential to supplement this data with thorough research, including player injuries, team performance, coaching strategies, and other factors that impact game outcomes. Combining comprehensive research with public betting data enhances the overall effectiveness of gambling strategies.

NBA public betting data has emerged as an essential tool for sports bettors seeking an edge in the highly competitive world of NBA gambling. By understanding the consensus of the betting public and utilizing strategies such as contrarian betting, monitoring line movements, analyzing historical trends, and conducting comprehensive research, bettors can develop winning gambling strategies.

As with any form of betting, it’s crucial to exercise discipline, manage bankrolls wisely, and continuously evaluate and refine strategies based on evolving trends and data. By incorporating NBA public betting data into their decision-making process, sports bettors can increase their chances of success and potentially reap substantial rewards in the world of NBA betting.