DraftKings Betting Splits: NFL Week 2

NFL Public Betting

Well, the NFL season certainly brought the noise out of the gate, along with some season-ending injuries. I would not expect week 2 betting scenarios to be any less stressful as teams like the Bears, Giants, and Patriots are already in desperation mode.

(Betting Splits Updated Monday 9/18/23 at 1:15pm EST)

Additional DraftKings NFL Week 2 Betting Splits of Note:

  1. The Raiders are 8.5 point dogs at Buffalo. The early betting action is on the Raiders after the Bills looked atrocious on MNF vs. the Jets.
  2. The Chiefs are 3-point chalk at the Jags and DraftKings betting splits display VERY heavy public support for KC.
  3. The NY Giants are -4 points at the Falcons for week 2. NY is coming off one of the most embarrassing games in their franchise history. The betting public likes them to bounce back with 93% of the money on the Giants.
  4. Take note of a double-header for MNF as the Saints visit the Panthers and the Browns go into Pittsburgh. Early betting splits show strong support for the Saints and Browns.

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