Dolphins-Jets Black Friday player Props Picks/Trends

Gear up for the groundbreaking Black Friday NFL betting showdown as the New York Jets take on the Miami Dolphins in a highly anticipated AFC East clash. The Jets have thrown us a curveball by benching Zach Wilson and giving the starting quarterback reins to Tim Boyle. Let’s face it, Wilson’s consistently abysmal performance left little room for hesitation in making this move. However, it’s hard to conjure optimism around Boyle, given his lackluster track record at both the collegiate and professional level. The mere presence of Boyle on the Jets can be attributed to his camaraderie with Aaron Rodgers, rather than any notable accomplishment. In his scant spot starts with the Lions a few years ago, he proved to be nothing short of dreadful.

Meanwhile, the Dolphins boast one of the highest ceilings in the league and often leave inferior opponents in their wake. Impressively, four of their last five victories have been by margins of at least 15 points. Hence, there’s no reason to fret about their ability to secure a double-digit triumph in this encounter. The Jets find themselves on a three-game losing streak, with their most recent defeat being a resounding 26-point drubbing at the hands of the Bills. Gradually, New York’s once-vaunted defense is displaying frailties, relinquishing 27 or more points in two of their last three outings. Their inability to bear the weight imposed by their woeful offense has become evident. With a stellar 7-3 record, Miami’s only three losses this season have come at the hands of the Bills, Eagles, and Chiefs—the crème de la crème of the league.

Let’s dive into Dolphins and Jets player props trends and their recent hit rates below. We also have some individual player prop picks for Tua Tagovailoa and Breece Hall.

  1. Xavier Gipson NYJ (WR) Receptions – Under 1.5 (-145) = 90% L10 Games
  2. Tyreek Hill MIA (WR) Receiving TDs – Over 0.5 (+105) = 80% L10 Games
  3. Breece Hall NYJ (RB) Rushing Attempts – Under 13.5 (+110) = 80% L10 Games
  4. Raheem Mostert MIA (RB) Rushing Attempts – Under 14.5 (+100) = 70% L10 Games
  5. Greg Zuerlein NYJ (K) Made Field Goals – Over 1.5 (+125) = 70% L10 Games

Dolphins – Jets Receiving Yards Props Hit Rate

1C. WilsonWRRec Ydso15.5-1155/683.3@ NYJ24
2A. LazardWRRec Ydso16.5-1158/1080VS MIA4
3X. GipsonWRRec Ydsu16.5-1205/771.4VS MIA4
4D. CookRBRec Ydsu2.5-1207/1070VS MIA4
5G. WilsonWRRec Ydso49.5-1157/1070VS MIA4
6R. MostertRBRec Ydsu13.5-1107/1070@ NYJ24
7T. HillWRRec Ydso74.5-1157/1070@ NYJ24
8B. HallRBRec Ydsu26.5-1156/1060VS MIA4
9T. ConklinTERec Ydso25.5-1156/1060VS MIA4
10J. WaddleWRRec Ydsu56.5-1155/955.6@ NYJ24

Dolphins – Jets Rushing Yards Player Props Hit Rates

1D. CookRBRush Ydso10.5-1107/1070VS MIA10
2B. HallRBRush Ydsu49.5-1156/1060VS MIA10
3R. MostertRBRush Ydso59.5-1156/1060@ NYJ30
4T. TagovailoaQBRush Ydso3.5-1156/1060@ NYJ30
5B. HallRBRush Ydso49.5-1154/1040VS MIA10
6R. MostertRBRush Ydsu59.5-1154/1040@ NYJ30
7T. TagovailoaQBRush Ydsu3.5-1154/1040@ NYJ30
8D. CookRBRush Ydsu10.5-1203/1030VS MIA10

Dolphins – Jets TD player Props

1T. HillWRAnytime TDo0.5-1308/1080@ NYJ5
2R. MostertRBAnytime TDo0.5-1307/1070@ NYJ5
3D. AchaneRBAnytime TDo0.5+1153/560@ NYJ5
4B. HallRBAnytime TDo0.5+1254/1040VS MIA25
5J. WaddleWRAnytime TDo0.5+1653/933.3@ NYJ5
6R. CracraftWRAnytime TDo0.5+7501/333.3@ NYJ5
7R. ChosenWRAnytime TDo0.5+7501/333.3@ NYJ5
8C. WilsonWRAnytime TDo0.5+5002/633.3@ NYJ5
9G. WilsonWRAnytime TDo0.5+2402/1020VS MIA25
10C. ClaypoolWRAnytime TDo0.5+8001/520@ NYJ5

Tua Tagovailoa Player Prop Picks

Tua Tagovailoa has exceeded 248.5 passing yards in 11 straight games against opponents with a losing record (299.2 passing yards/game average). Pick: Over 248.5 Passing Yards (-115)

Tua Tagovailoa has failed to exceed 2.5 rushing attempts in 7 of his last 8 games (2.0 rushing attempts/game average). Pick: Under 2.5 Rushing Attempts (-145)

Tua Tagovailoa has failed to exceed 33.5 passing attempts in 6 of his last 9 games on the road (33.0 passing attempts/game average). Pick: Under 33.5 Passing Attempts (-110)

Breece Hall Player Prop Picks

Breece Hall has failed to exceed 24.5 receiving yards in 7 of his last 9 games as an underdog (19.8 receiving yards/game average). Pick: Under 24.5 Receiving Yards (-115)

Breece Hall has failed to exceed 50.5 rushing yards in 3 of his last 4 games at home as an underdog (40.8 rushing yards/game average). Pick: Under 50.5 Rushing Yards (-120)

Breece Hall has failed to exceed 13.5 rushing attempts in 6 of his last 8 games as an underdog (11.5 rushing attempts/game average). Pick: Under 13.5 Rushing Attempts (+100)

Jaylen Waddle Player Prop Picks

Jaylen Waddle has failed to exceed 4.5 receptions in 9 of his last 10 games on the road (3.3 receptions/game average). Pick: Under 4.5 Receptions (+105)

Jaylen Waddle has failed to exceed 56.5 receiving yards in 5 straight games against top 10 passing defenses (47.6 receiving yards/game average). Pick: Under 56.5 Receiving Yards (-115)

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