Does She Have A Tattoo Around Her Thigh? RUN!

The old lesson that many dads tell their sons is that ALL women are crazy, it’s just the level of crazy that you need to be aware of. For years tattoos have helped men to gauge craziness or potential freak level.

A lower back tattoo….well Vince Vaugn helped us here:

A tattoo or two on the arm, maybe she is into gym stuff, who knows?

The old ankle tattoo to let her parents know that she has her own mind, sure why not.

But now, we have an entirely new entrant to be aware of. The around-the-thigh tattoo!

TBH, I was not aware of this phenomenon until I saw the now-viral video of what looks to be a very strong, in-shape woman, beating the shit out of a car and kicking in the windshield.

Guys, we have been given a gift from the gods with this video. I would fully expect this tattoo-around-the-thigh trend to take off like wildfire. Just know that you may be in for the night of your life if you spot this in the wild or a complete ass beating.

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