Did EA Sports Drop An Easter Egg In The CFB 25 Teaser Video?

EA CFB 25 Logo

You have to love the CFB ’25 community. A multi-generational group, that is drooling for the new College Football franchise to launch this summer.

An Easter egg theory is now making the rounds for a 6/7/24 early release date (or pre-order) based on the EA Sports College Football 25 teaser promo.

The theory originated on YouTube with “BengalYouTube” and has quickly caught fire.

One response tried to throw water on the fire with, “That says “Scene 6, take 7″ 24 frames per second (FPS)”.

Of course, if you are taking the still shot at surface level, then yes it is simple to explain away this Easter egg theory. But why would EA Sports use this specific item in the long-awaited teaser video?

  • Could 6/7/24 refer to when the pre-order process will begin for EA CFB 25?
  • Want to get nuts? Did EA Sports leak the July launch timeline in hopes of releasing the game early on 6/7/24? Sure would be nice optics for a company that delayed the game by over one year.

A quick recap of EA CFB ‘25 news this week:

  1. EA released the first CFB 25 teaser video
  2. We now have the official logo for the game
  3. EA Sports published an official YouTube channel for the game
  4. Small design hints were shown in the teaser video
  5. EA stated a “Full Reveal” will be happening in May
  6. Once again, a summer release was 100% confirmed

🎥 First Official Teaser Video for CFB ‘25

This was quite the surprise from EA Sports. We fully expect consistent video updates on the game moving forward. The momentum and buzz are on another level for this game. EA needs to keep the juice flowing with consistent updates.

Nothing crazy here, but the name “CFB 25” did surprise many people who have not been paying attention over the past 2 years. Bye bye NCAA in the title.

👀 Full Reveal in May?

Outside of the video teaser, this “Full Reveal in May” comment has the CFB 25 community buzzing. It certainly shortens the timeline in waiting for a “complete” view of the game till July.

It is also safe to assume that the pre-order process could begin in May as well. Unless the Easter Egg theory from the beginning of this post is accurate.

Design Hints & School Imagery

Let’s give credit where it is due. We see some unbelievable designs below for Georgia, FSU, and Florida.

Additionally, EA was smart to include the mascot design process images, along with traditional college football design work for Notre Dame, Oklahoma, Penn State, and Alabama.

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