Chiefs-Packers Player Props Picks and Hit Rates

chiefs packers player props

Brace yourself for an NFL showdown as the Kansas City Chiefs clash with the Green Bay Packers on Sunday Night Football. While the game may seem lopsided at first glance, our carefully crafted player props are here to inject excitement into the affair.

The Kansas City Chiefs, part of the triumvirate of 8-3 teams in the AFC, have encountered a couple of setbacks in their last four games. Nevertheless, they proudly reign over the AFC West, holding a comfortable two-game lead over the Denver Broncos. To add to their prowess, they boast an impressive 2-1 record against the NFC North in the illustrious year of 2023.

On the other side of the field, we have the Green Bay Packers entering Sunday night’s spectacle with a 5-6 record. Their recent form has been slightly more promising, with triumphant performances in three of their last four outings. Hovering just above the Chicago Bears in the NFC North standings, the Packers are diligently warding off the threat of the division’s cellar position. However, they have stumbled a bit against the AFC West this season, tallying a modest 1-2 record.

Now, without further ado, let’s dive into the enticing realm of our finest Chiefs vs. Packers NFL player props for this upcoming Sunday Night Football battle. We’ve curated these enticing options based on the superb odds offered by our top-notch NFL public betting sites.

With our NFL player props, the stage is set for an unforgettable clash between these two NFL powerhouse franchises. So buckle up and let the excitement unfold as the Chiefs and Packers battle it out under the bright lights of Sunday Night Football.

💰 Our Chiefs-Packers Player Prop Picks for SNF Week 13

PlayerProp Bet TrendProp Pick & Odds
Patrick MahomesMahomes has exceeded 21.5 rushing yards in 9 of his last 12 games (29.1 rushing yards/game average)Over 19.5 Rushing Yards (-110)
Travis KelceKelce has exceeded 70.5 receiving yards in 7 of his last 8 games against top 10 scoring defenses (84.6 receiving yards/game average).Over 69.5 Receiving Yards (-110)
Jordan LoveLove has exceeded 227.5 passing yards in 5 straight games at home (256.8 passing yards/game average).Over 224.5 Passing Yards (+100)
Christian WatsonWatson has exceeded 45.5 receiving yards in 4 straight games against top 10 passing defenses (89.0 receiving yards/game average).Over 40.5 Receiving Yards (-105)
Romeo DoubsDoubs has exceeded 3.5 receptions in 4 of his last 5 games at home (5.2 receptions/game average).Over 3.5 Receptions (+130)

📊 Top Player Prop Hit Rates L10 Games

1T. KraftTEReceptionsu2.5+1004/4100VS KC6
2C. WatsonWRReceptionsu3.5-1908/1080VS KC6
3J. LoveQBPass Complo19.5-1208/1080VS KC5
4P. MahomesQBRush Ydso19.5-1108/1080@ GB27
5T. KraftTERec Ydsu24.5-1153/475VS KC6
6C. WatsonWRRush + Rec Ydsu40.5-1157/1070VS KC6
7C. WatsonWRRec Ydsu39.5-1157/1070VS KC6
8J. LoveQBRush Attu3.5-1667/1070VS KC9
9J. LoveQBPass Ydso219.5-1157/1070VS KC3
10S. MooreWRReceptionso1.5-1457/1070@ GB19

📊 Mahomes vs. Love Player Prop Records YTD

1J. LoveQBPass Ydso219.5-1158/1172.7VS KC3
2P. MahomesQBPass Ydso255.5-1156/1154.5@ GB9
3P. MahomesQBPass Ydsu255.5-1155/1145.5@ GB9
4J. LoveQBPass Ydsu219.5-1153/1127.3VS KC3

📊 Chiefs-Packers Receiving Yards Prop Bet Hit Rates

1C. WatsonWRRec Ydsu39.5-1156/875VS KC6
2T. KraftTERec Ydsu24.5-1153/475VS KC6
3N. GrayTERec Ydso13.5-1158/1172.7@ GB19
4T. KelceTERec Ydsu70.5-1207/1070@ GB19
5M. Valdes-ScantlingWRRec Ydso11.5-1257/1163.6@ GB19
6D. WicksWRRec Ydso21.5-1156/1060VS KC6
7J. WatsonWRRec Ydso29.5-1156/1060@ GB19
8R. DoubsWRRec Ydsu34.5-1156/1154.5VS KC6
9J. ReedWRRec Ydso41.5-1156/1154.5VS KC6
10A. DillonRBRec Ydsu11.5-1156/1154.5VS KC6

📊 Chiefs-Packers Reception Player Prop Hit Rates

1T. KraftTEReceptionsu2.5+1004/4100VS KC6
2C. WatsonWRReceptionsu3.5-1907/887.5VS KC6
3R. RiceWRReceptionsu4.5-1408/1172.7@ GB19
4S. MooreWRReceptionso1.5-1457/1163.6@ GB19
5I. PachecoRBReceptionsu3.5-1457/1163.6@ GB19
6N. GrayTEReceptionso1.5-1107/1163.6@ GB19
7D. WicksWRReceptionso1.5-1666/1060VS KC6
8R. DoubsWRReceptionsu3.5-1666/1154.5VS KC6
9J. ReedWRReceptionsu3.5+1056/1154.5VS KC6
10A. DillonRBReceptionsu1.5+1356/1154.5VS KC6

📊 Rushing Yards Player Props Chiefs-Packers

1P. MahomesQBRush Ydso19.5-1109/1181.8@ GB27
2A. DillonRBRush Ydsu48.5-1157/1163.6VS KC19
3I. PachecoRBRush Ydsu65.5-1157/1163.6@ GB27
4J. LoveQBRush Ydso14.5-1206/1154.5VS KC19
5J. LoveQBRush Ydsu14.5-1105/1145.5VS KC19
6A. DillonRBRush Ydso48.5-1154/1136.4VS KC19
7I. PachecoRBRush Ydso65.5-1154/1136.4@ GB27
8P. MahomesQBRush Ydsu19.5-1202/1118.2@ GB27

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