Blazin 5 Picks This Week 2023

Cowherd Picks 2023

Wow, the early parts of the 2023 NFL season were a roller coaster for bettors following Colin Cowherd’s “Blazin 5” picks each week. After a 0-9-1 start to the season, Colin went 12-2-1 from week 3 to week 5. His hot streak came to an end in week 6, but he managed to stay around the 50% mark in weeks 7-10. Week 11 saw a massively profitable 4-1 week! His Blazin 5 pick record for the season to date is 27-23-5. Yes, that is five “push” outcomes.

Colin Cowherd’s Pick Record for 2023:

  1. Week 1: 0-5
  2. Week 2: 0-4-1
  3. Week 3: 3-1-1
  4. Week 4: 4-1
  5. Week 5: 5-0
  6. Week 6: 2-3
  7. Week 7: 3-2
  8. Week 8: 2-1-2
  9. Week 9: 2-3
  10. Week 10: 2-2-1
  11. Week 11: 4-1
  12. Week 12: We are going to wait to see how Colin grades this past week before posting it here.
  13. Colin’s YTD pick record is now 27-23-5.

Colin Cowherd picks NFL Week 13:

  1. Colin’s NFL picks for week 13 will be posted here Friday afternoon, December 1st.

Colin’s Blazin 5 Picks Record Last Week:

  1. Lions -7.5 – Loss
  2. Commanders +12.5 – Loss
  3. Colts -2.5 – Win
  4. Bills +3 – Push
  5. Ravens -3.5 – Win
  6. AZ Cards +1 – Loss
  7. Saints +1.5 – Loss

Colin Cowherd’s “Blazin 5” NFL picks segment is a popular feature on his Fox Sports show. In this segment, Cowherd makes five football predictions for the week’s upcoming NFL games. The picks are based on Cowherd’s analysis and insight into the teams, matchups, and other relevant factors. Cowherd provides his predictions, along with odds and win totals, and discusses the reasoning behind each pick.

The “Blazin 5” segment has become well-known among NFL fans and bettors, with many eagerly anticipating Cowherd’s picks each week. The segment allows Cowherd to showcase his expertise in the NFL and provide advice for those interested in betting on NFL games. The picks are often accompanied by analytical breakdowns and discussions, offering viewers a deeper understanding of Cowherd’s thought process.

The exact details of Cowherd’s “Blazin 5” picks may vary each week, as they are based on the specific matchups and circumstances of the games being played. However, the segment consistently provides viewers with insights and predictions that can enhance their understanding and enjoyment of the NFL. If you are into college football, then we recommend checking out Scott VanPelt’s picks page here on STB.

Please note that the information provided here is a broad overview of the “Blazin 5” segment and may not include specific details of recent or upcoming picks. For the most accurate and up-to-date information on Colin Cowherd’s “Blazin 5” NFL picks segment, it is recommended to watch or listen to his Fox Sports show directly.

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