Biden’s Odds To Be ’24 Dem Nominee Barely Impacted By Potential Impeachment

2024 Election

When we first began covering 2024 Election Odds back in June, we were convinced that Joe Biden’s odds would slide downhill like a Hunter Biden hooker on a pole. We were wrong!

In the most update on odds to be the 2024 Democrat Presidential nominee, Joe Biden’s odds INCREASED. Sleepy Joe now once again has over a 73% chance to be on the ballot in November 2024.

Odds as of 8/1/23

From the looks of the latest betting exchange contracts on Smarkets, Joe Biden is clearly holding onto a strong lead as the Democrat nominee for the 2024 election. A slight move down in June was certainly expected considering the news this past week of Hunter Biden’s WhatsApp messages within a potential Chinese “pay for play” bribery scheme.

The bigger move in the political betting markets is the emergence of RFK Jr. As you can see on the chart above, RFK was nowhere to be found, then BANG, he grabs 6% of potential bets.

Potential Biden Impeachment Gives Newsom A Bump

Odds on Gavin Newsom to be the Dem nominee have been trending down for most of the Spring. He did receive a bit of a bump in the past week or so, but his camp can not be happy to see RFK Jr. gaining momentum. Bill H.Res.503 calling for the impeachment of President Joe Biden for high crimes and misdemeanors was filed on June 22nd. Most feel the bill is DOA according to, hence no real impact on Biden’s odds to remain on the Presidential ballot for November 2024.

Just baffling how 74% of the public feels the country is on the wrong track and Biden remains comfy as the nominee.

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